Sedation Options

Surgical procedures require at least local anesthetic. We offer a range of other sedation services to make our patient’s experience as easy as possible.

Nitrous oxide or laughing gas is available at our office. This minimal sedation technique allows the patient to relax for the dental procedure without any long term effects for the rest of day.

Oral sedation is also available at our office. The patient is prescribed a drug that allows relaxation and possibly sleep during the procedure. Some patients do not remember the procedure afterward, most feel like it was a dream, and are not fully asleep. A driver is needed to take patient to and from the office.

General sedation is provided by our office through the services of Ambulatory Anesthesia Associates, LLC (AAA). Patients are completely sedated in the comfort of our office for the procedure and a board certified dental anesthesiologist supervises the patient’s sedation allowing our doctors to focus all their attention on your surgery. We work closely with AAA to make sure your treatment is as safe and successful as it can be. 

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